Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mommies on a Mission: Week 4

I can't believe it is week 4 already! I have finally made some progress. I lost 3 pounds this week and can finally button my pre-pregnancy jeans! I swear, I owe it all to the Special K. I haven't yet found (made) the time to exercise so I still have the pregnancy belly pouch that won't go anywhere until I get my butt off the couch!
I think I need something to motivate me this week. Maybe a trip to a local beach, pool, or lake as a reward...somewhere that means a bikini. I am really excited about my progress but I really want to start exercising for so many reasons, not just to lose the last of the weight. If you are following along each week, how are you doing with your progress? Any advice for motivation?
Pregnancy weight: 180
Pre-pregnancy weight: 121
 Last weeks weight: 130
Today's weight: 127
Please venture over to Life as a Lake to check on Mama Lake's progress this week!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mommies on a mission: Week 3

I had a feeling I wouldn't make much progress this week and I was right. I have been making better food choices but I haven't fit in any exercise yet. The problem is that I am still nursing the baby a lot, (he is 19 lbs now!) and I am always hungry! I have started eating special k for breakfast each morning and I know once I start working out, I will see a difference.
My oldest starts school next week so I am hoping that once we get into a routine I can schedule some exercise in somewhere!
Weeks postpartum: 22
Pregnancy weight: 180
Last weeks weight: 130
This weeks weight: 130
GOAL: 120

Be sure to check out Life as a Lake to see Mama Lake's progress and if you are interested in joining in the weight loss challenge, send me an email.

Wish me luck this week!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mommies on a Mission: Week 2

Week 1 was pretty much a fail! We decided to go camping last weekend so between the tri-tip, bread and artichoke dip, guacamole, beer and smores, I definitely didn't start my diet! The only exercise I got was walking up and down the hills between the pool and our campsite. The good news is I didn't gain any weight. I am headed out of town again this weekend to see family and my goal is to pack healthy snacks and not overindulge. Oh, and Special K is on sale at my local store so I plan to stock up!
Here is the lowdown:

Pregnancy weight: 180 (EEK! I know...)
Pre-pregnancy weight: 121
Current weight: 130
Goal weight: 120

Check in next week to see if I make any progress!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Second Anniversary

Yesterday was our second wedding anniversary. Since we hadn't been out since before baby boy was born, I thought it was about time for a date night. I called him in the morning and asked him to be home by 5, ready by 5:30 and to wear something nice because we were heading downtown. In the five years we have lived here, we have probably been downtown less than a handful of times so I know he was very curious.

We dropped off the kids at their awesome babysitters house then headed downtown. When we got there and walked in, I said to hubby, "Look, there's Hans!" Hans is the extremely talented musician who played at our wedding. Check out Hans' music here.When I found out he was playing on our anniversary, I knew we had to go! Hubby was super surprised and we had an amazing time.

Here we are two years later: