Monday, May 7, 2012

Oh, Monday.

This past weekend I braved 3 birthday parties. One for my own child, and two on my own with all three kids. Yesterday my husband had a guys day, which he rarely gets to do, so I was on my own all day. Today we had a two month checkup for the baby and a homeschool meeting for my 6 year old to get to. My goal was to leave the house by 9:30 am. My morning and afternoon went something like this: 3 year old wakes me up at 7 am wanting breakfast, I crawl over the baby like a ninja so he doesn't wake up, feed 3 year old, put in workout dvd while praying that baby sleeps for another 30 minutes, baby wakes up 5 minutes into the dvd, 6 year old wakes up asking for cartoons and breakfast, I feed her then feed the baby. I sit down with 6 year old to catch up on the three days of homeschool we didn't have time for last week. I pick out four outfits, shoes and hair accessories, put the baby in the bouncy seat, stick him in the bathroom so I can take a shower. Get out of the shower, check the time. 9:26 am. How the hell did that happen?? Dry off, throw on too big maternity jeans and shirt, do my mom hair. (You know what I'm talking about, some variation of a ponytail, bobby pins or God forbid, a butterfly clip. Oh well, at least its not a scrunchy). I manage to get the kids into the car by 9:46 and to the Dr.'s only 15 minutes late. The Dr comes in, we talk, she checks baby, I sign the form saying I am refusing vaccinations at this time and get a short lecture. We leave, go to starbucks where I ask for the food item with the least amount of calories since I never did get that workout in but I am STARVING. In case you are curious, it's the spinach and feta wrap. Yep, tastes like feet. After that, I drive through Mcd's for the kids (save the lectures please). Hop on the freeway and realize the gas gauge is on E. Praying again that I don't run out of gas on the freeway because it is now in the 80's outside and I just might die if I have to walk somewhere. I make it to the next exit, find a gas station which of course does not accept debit cards outside and I am not getting all three kids out and going inside so I put the $10 in cash I have in my wallet. Get back in, start the car, and the needle doesn't move off E. Whatever. Get to the homeschool meeting and the 3 year old has to pee and baby has to eat. Beg the teacher to give us a light load for the next two weeks and ask her three times when the last day of school is all while nursing the baby. 3 year old has to pee again so I take her. Thankful that baby loves his Moby wrap because that is his home today. Get back to the meeting, finish it up. Now 3 year old has to pee AND poo. Again. I cannot make this up. Drive home, check email, see that the mom's group has a meetup tonight. Hooray, sign me up! Hubby calls and says Sorry, I am in Stockton and won't be home until at least 7. Sigh.
This is what makes it worthwhile.

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