Monday, April 9, 2012

What the heck is crunchy?

According to, "crunchy" is defined as someone who has changed their lifestyle for environmental reasons. It gives this example: "I need more crunchy guys in my life. I'm so tired of dating preppy metrosexual assholes." Awesome, right? When I say don't call me crunchy, it's not because I don't identify with this lifestyle, I do!  I just don't think I deserve the title. Who the heck comes up with these words anyway?
Why might I be considered crunchy? Well, I homeschool my kids, I recently had a homebirth with my third baby, I breastfeed, co-sleep and babywear, and I am super weary of overmedicating and overvaccinating children. Is that enough to be a crunchy mama? I don't think so. I don't cloth diaper, I don't have any chickens in my backyard (although that would be cool!), and I don't do meatless mondays. Maybe I am semi-crunchy or a neo-hippie...Can someone please come up with a title for me?? It was hard enough to name this blog!
Anyways, I'm a stay at home mama of 3, a recent college grad and a wife to a fantastic husband who is the complete opposite of crunchy (or whatever we are calling me!).
I am excited to share my thoughts, stories and even some current research with everyone. Follow me!

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